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Articles written and submitted by Wes Jennings, WL7F

Sunday, January 10th, 2016 Edition


Ok it has been awhile since I have written anything about my station as contest season has been busy. Here are a few of my antics that have happened since the CQWWSSB contest. Remember this is all done from my offgrid location unless specified otherwise.

A FT 857, Batteries, generator when needed to charge batteries, Solar panels and a laptop plugged into the batteries. So anyone can do this and be productive and competitive let alone be able to use HF with minimal equipment and be successful. On the CW I run any ware from 14wpm to 20wpm so anyone is able to do this I am not a speed demon on CW


The contests are in order of operating.

Sweep Stakes CW

Now this one I was operating out of KL2R station with N1TX and myself and we did a multi. We had decided to do low power from that location and all bands with spotting. Propagation did not do any favors to us at all as we ended up with about 127Q’s during the whole time,  a lot of butt glue and searching for signals. That being said it was a lot of fun to operate and good company not to leave out the good food.


The next one

Sweep Stakes SSB

This one I operated from the house here but only got to operate it a small bit on Saturday as I was doing VE duties for the club KL7KC as they had a technician class that was finishing up. I had tuned the radio to listen up at the station while the testing had finished and showed some of the newer hams what it sounded like and how it flowed. So Sunday was the day I really operated. I did not finish with a terrible score and had a bit of fun as no antenna moving etc to worry about (ie climbing the tower and moving the beam) as it is a North America contest. Here are the numbers from that one.

Band      QSOs     Pts          Sec

     7        22           44           17

    14       62           124         8

    21       400         800         50

 Total     484         968        75

Score: 72,600

Missed 4 states for Worked All States in a weekend oh well it was a blast


The next one

CQ World Wide CW

This one was a bit more time in seat and had Paul KL4ET stop over and help so multi is what I ran as. Now Paul had just gotten his license at the previous weekend test session and is a technician that had no cw exposure to that point. I do not run a decoder for morse code as that is what the brain is for. I was working Europe over the pole and he was here when I got Africa and then Antarctica and then Brazil back to back.


Numbers from this one

Band      QSOs     Pts          ZN          Cty

    14       312         921         19           56

    21       574         1301       20           28

    28       142         304         9              8

 Total     1028       2526       48           92

Score: 353,640

Not quite as good as the SSB contest but defiantly a good score



The next one

ARRL 10M contest

This is a mixed mode both CW and SSB. And Paul showed up as it 10M was just closing on Saturday but managed to work a VK (Austrailia) on Phone. I had a few good runs thru the day both on Saturday and Sunday but from here 10M is basically only open for a few hours a day. Still did not so bad of numbers


Numbers from this one

Band      Mode    QSOs     Pts          S-P         Cty

    28       CW         243         972         51           0

    28       USB    173             346         38           0

 Total     Both      416         1318       89           0

Score: 117,302

Missed 7 for a Worked all states


The next one


This one again was multi with Paul and Carl(WL7BDO). Carl had brought over a complete station and his rig did not work at all when we put power to it so back to the 857 and doing the contest with that. RTTY is full duty cycle and surprising how well that held up for this contest. Paul at one point looked at me and basically said I am driving this horse hush hahahahah, nothing like the competitive edge coming out and trying to figure out how to get more in the logs. Real good time for sure and will do it again that is for sure.


Numbers from this one

Band      QSOs     Pts          Sec         DXC

     7        18           18           0              0

    14       78           78           13           13

    21       356         356         37           13

    28       3              3              0             0

 Total     455         455         50           26

Score: 34,580

Missed 5 for a Worked all states on this one


The next one

North American QSO Party CW

Now this one I operated solo on as it is tailored for my station . low power . no spotting ..and cw. This is another North America contest but is only 12 hours long but can only operate 10 of the 12. Started out on 20m then switched to 15m and used that most of the day while jumping to 10m to check it then as 15m died jumped to 20m for a bit and then on to 40m to finish this contest. The Alaska stations in this contest did it to honor Rich KL7RA who had recently passed away. All of us were using the name Rich in the exchange instead of our own and 5 of us were a member of a team we created called Radio Alaska as that was how Rich phonetically did his callsign. Keep a eye on the standings and see how we did


Numbers from this one

Band      QSOs     Pts          Sec         Mt2

   3.5       1              1              1              0

     7        25           25           17           0

    14       127         127         38           2

    21       178         178         42           1

    28       12           12           6              0

 Total     343         343         104         3

One of the stations I had worked signed with a /AG so they just got their upgrade from Technician. Not the fastest code but hey they were there and they were having fun and that is what all of this is about

Missed 7 for a Worked all states on this one



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