Global Ham Radio Communications Center

Global Ham Radio Communications Center [GHRCC] is a new global communication system with voice chat rooms for all hams and ‘soon to be’ hams alike.  This TeamSpeak 3 communications will complement ham radio and provide us meeting space limited only by our imagination!

Join us inside the Global Ham Radio Communications Center and meet up with current ham friends and meet new ones.  If you have questions, contact KL1AC.

GHRCC also includes:

** Fantastic crystal clear voice audio quality **

** Live audio feed room of the 9109 reflector ** 

** Main general lobby for all to socialize **

** Private conference rooms for clubs to organize and communicate **

Planned expansions/ideas:

** Hold an online ham class in a voice chat room?  **

** More audio feeds available in the near future **

Click here for Login Instructions!

The computer version of the TeamSpeak 3 program is available for several platforms including Android, Apple, MacOS, Linux and Windows.  All that is required is the installation of the TS3 client and a microphone and you’re ready to join us!


If you are familiar with TeamSpeak 3 and how it works, just download TeamSpeak 3 Client from here, install in on your computer and when you want to connect, type in address and use the password; ilovehamradio .  Your identity should include your name and call sign.  If you are not a ham then your name only will be sufficient.  After you get connected, go into TS3 settings and switch from ‘Voice activated’ (VOX) to ‘Push-to-Talk”.

TS3 is inherently easy to install and become active on but more comprehensive directions (below) for people that are new to TS3 or end up needing technical reference.  Listed below is the PDF instruction version on how to set up TS3 on your home computer.  A version for Android Phone and Apple phone coming soon.

PDF instructions for the home computer TS3 version

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