2016 Alaska Morning Net Volunteer Application

Thank you for expressing interest in one of our Volunteer Net Control Operator positions.  Do not fill this application out without first talking to a Lead Net Control Operator for the time frame of your requested net coverage.  Weekdays (Monday through Friday) Lead Net Control Operator is Russ, WL7LP.  Saturday Lead Net Control Operator is Chris, KL1AC.

What Lead Net Control Operators have you contacted prior to filling this application out?

Russ (WL7LP) (M-F) Chris (KL1AC) (Saturday) 

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What net days are you interested in covering

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Press the 'Submit' button after reading the below paragraphs to send this application to AMN.

 (1) DO NOT fill out this application without FIRST making contact with lead net control operators (Monday-Friday Nets, Russ WL7LP) (Saturday’s Net, Chris KL1AC email: chris.hampton@arcticserver.com) and express your interest in joining our Net Control family. Filling this application without first making contact with Lead Net Control listed above will cause automatic rejection of this application.
(2) By filling out this application you agree to perform the net that was requested by you to the best of your ability and you agree that all effort will be made on your part to perform and complete said net. You agree that if you are unable to complete the net due to an unforeseen events you agree that every effort will be made by you, as soon as reasonably possible, to contact the Lead Net Control Operators (listed above) to advise them that you will not be able to complete the net on your scheduled time frame. If avoidable, please do not wait until the last minute. We at AMN acknowledge that this is a volunteer request/position and fully understand that unforeseen issues may and do occur that may prevent you from performing your requested net date/time. AMN encourages and supports participation as voluntary net control. The AMN listeners depend on participation from users such as yourself, so reliability in performing the requested net is essential.
(3) Your net control time may be altered canceled or changed at any time by AMN. Every effort will be made by the Lead Control Operator to contact you as soon as feasible to advise that a change/cancellation or other occurrence has been made to your requested scheduled net time.
(4) AMN will not release your email/telephone number or other vital information that you provide us here to anyone on the outside. This information is only used for emergency contact only and will not be used for personal use. Lead Control Operators and standard level Control Operators will have access to this information. As a Net Control Operator, you agree NOT to divulge other operators information to anyone not directly involved with AMN unless under the request of that Control Operator. A good rule of thumb is if in doubt, don’t give it out.
(5) You agree to perform the net in a professional manner at all times. Your professional participation during your scheduled net reflects upon AMN and it’s listeners. AMN holds high standards for it’s net control operators. You agree to make every effort to hold to high standards of a licensed ham radio operator and to hold firm and true the spirit of the hobby. You agree to perform at a professional level and follow all rules as defined by your ham radio license.
(6)  You agree to provide accurate information below to the best of your ability.  You also agree to update the Lead Control Operator(s) of any contact information that might have changed since your submission of this application.  You understand that any known falsification of the information submitted below can/will result in the immediate rejection of this application.


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