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General Administrative Questions

Alaska Morning Net Web Check-In


Q: How do I register for the Message board?  A: Hold your mouse over the message board tab at the top of the page and you will see a menu drop down that shows “Register for Message Board”

Q: Why does it sometimes take a long time for the holiday theme of the page to change when other people seem to be seeing an updated theme?  A: This happens when the browser that you are using does not auto-update the cache that your browser uses to “refresh” the page.  A manual refresh on your browser more time than not will correct the problem and refresh to the new page theme.

Q: How often do you change the page theme?  A: The theme is usually changed to match the holiday. 

Q: Why change the theme at all?  A: Because we felt like it.

Q: One of your links don’t work, who should I tell?  A: Contact Us 



If you have a technical problem and you want to know if it is already been addressed or is currently being worked on click here for the issues/resolution log.

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